When it comes to mp3 players (software or hardware), getting songs is crucial. In these hard times getting songs is a huge issue mainly because it leaves a hole in a our pockets :(. But there are free services out there to make ends meet. One being, which one really awesome site (and sight). It’s basically a site decided to fans of artists or genres and is great tool to get exposed new artists and genres. I have been a member since 2006 and been loving it ever since. I feel it’s the one of the web’s best kept secrets and I hope for it to hit mainstream like it’s other social network counterparts. But back to subject, if you need music and don’t like keeping the same playlist on your music player for than a week then try out A perl program dedicated to storing streams locally on your computer. The quality is only is only sampled at 128kb/s on 41.1kHz in mp3 but it’s the variety of music that counts…

To get lastfm-ripper for gentoo check out (for ubuntu use the url and download the source)

sudo emerge -av media-sound/lastfm-ripper

To use lastfm-ripper, modify the line below (sign up at for username and pass)

Also there’s a ‘-w’ for ID3 tags using Amazon’s SOAP which I need to get fixed or find a work around. -u  [-p
] [-d] -[c] [-o ] [-a ] 

Alternative to lastfm-ripper with a GUI (which I need to test myself)