So Really How Much Is My Home Directory Taking Up?

I came in today at work and I was wondering why is the NAS is always full at my research lab…I came to realize that I was contributing to the problem and not helping it…

But no matter I can figure this out haha.

cd #to go back to the home directory from where ever you were
sudo du -hs #sudo for files in home dir that you can't read and -hs for summary and to humanize file sizes


yeah….29GB’s is a lot for a home folder,
So just check use the next command to see what folders are taking how much space in your home folder

du -h --max-depth=1 ~ #to see only the folders in your dir at level 1

Funny enough it turned out that space of that was taking up in my case, was some satellite granules, vmware installs, and backups.  So conserve space responsibility!!! (Kinda like an alcohol commerial with out the booze)