Private Ubuntu Mirror (See bottom)

Well I’m kinda annoyed of the performance of the ubuntu mirrors recently so I decided rsync them and create my own mirror. I don’t think I will make this an official Ubuntu mirror because it would cause a lot of strain on my hosting company and I’m pretty there is TOS violation somewhere in the clause about this haha. Also it’s gonna take upward of 200GBs on my home folder which is a lot…

If anyone is interested making their own ubuntu distro mirror check out this wiki page & if you have the resources to make a official mirror check this out

Gentoo mirror on the works? (I would need +400GBs on top of the +200GBs)
cheers :)

After Receiving an e-mail from my webhosting company’s support about the mirror, I decided to shutdown the mirror until I can sort this out. Apparently, it was causing strain on I/O resources for the server that my site is hosted on. If anyone has a suggestion for me, I’m open to it.’m