SVN Hell….

Well if anyone knows if you take a open source project and check it out with svn, the files are binded to that repository.  If you wanted add your version of the project in your repository a piece of you dies because the directory structure of that project has hidden .svn files that correspond to the repository of that you downloaded it from!  Which, is very annoying! But I realized it doesn’t have to be even with projects with a million folders and subfolders.

Really all you have do is this…

cd myproject
rm -rf `find . -type d -name .svn`

Finding Wallpapers..

Normally get really tired of looking at the same image for a long period of time and I think this goes for anyone else. Good thing KDE 3 has a slide show option for people to change wallpaper periodically. I have Kde4 on my Ubuntu Interpid Ibex laptop, which does have a slideshow option but it doesn’t have option to download wallpapers.So I just wanted to share some sites where you can get wallpapers

  • I’ll keep updating this list as time goes by