Private Ubuntu Mirror (See bottom)

Well I’m kinda annoyed of the performance of the ubuntu mirrors recently so I decided rsync them and create my own mirror. I don’t think I will make this an official Ubuntu mirror because it would cause a lot of strain on my hosting company and I’m pretty there is TOS violation somewhere in the clause about this haha. Also it’s gonna take upward of 200GBs on my home folder which is a lot…

If anyone is interested making their own ubuntu distro mirror check out this wiki page & if you have the resources to make a official mirror check this out

Gentoo mirror on the works? (I would need +400GBs on top of the +200GBs)
cheers :)

After Receiving an e-mail from my webhosting company’s support about the mirror, I decided to shutdown the mirror until I can sort this out. Apparently, it was causing strain on I/O resources for the server that my site is hosted on. If anyone has a suggestion for me, I’m open to it.’m

Getting Amarok or GTKpod to work with iphone 3g or itouch 2g!

If you one of those guys rejoiced when you finally jailbroke your itouch 2g, you end up realizing you can’t sync your itouch 2G or iphone 3G in linux.  The reason behind the this mishap is because the iphones/itouches of with the 2.x firmware changed up the hash scheme from 16 to 64bits. So it messed up the gtkpod and amarok in the process…so being that said lets revert back to the old db!

So there’s a solution…

If you ssh into iphone/itouch or use Terminal within, you can edit like this

pico /System/Library/Lockdown/Checkpoint.xml

and find within the Checkpoint.xml file for…




Restart your iphone/itouch and celebrate like I did :S

Oh yeah for further info on how to sync your songs over check here:
Gentoo Users just mount the iphone/itouch with sshfs on /media/ipod

mount -t sshfs [email protected][iphone's ip or hostname]:~ /media/ipod #using the root account

just remember the default password for jailbroken root accounts is “alpine” (remember to change it!)


Tesla Model S Sedan Thoughts

Nytimes Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S from NYTimes


I have to admit for an electric car the Model S is a very sexy car and it’s sorta an affordable when thinking of maintenance in the long run.  To me, it’s looks like a mix between Jaguar’s XF (the back in particular) and Aston Martin’s DB9 front while being it’s own with the LEDs on the headlights. is reporting the cost to be 49.9K with the tax deductions which good because it will compete against current hybrids and with a 300 mile radius per charge and a 0-60mph of 5.5secs it’s rather worth it .  According to the article it can be “partially charge in just 45 minutes.”  Even though, “partially” isn’t defined, hopefully we can assume it’s at least a quarter charge of the 300 (60miles perhaps?)