VX6900 Android vs Windows Mobile, the experimental battle

I recently switched from my vx6900 to a blackberry pearl that I got from a friend from work. And before I switched to my BB pearl, I actually upgraded my vx to windows mobile 6.5 which had a nice interface. Along 6.5 I put a launchable version of android 1.5 via windows mobile itself.
I gave my vx to my brother while he got his replacement phone not too long ago. And while he’s not too tech savvy, he actually loved 6.5. He didn’t try android portion of it but I wonder now, how is 6.5 versus a native version of android 2.0? Ill try to make a vlog about this.


How do you name your computer?

After getting a new case and a new power supply, I asked myself what am I going name this monster? I realize its actually common in IT, science and engineering to have a naming scheme for their employees’s computers and servers. It might be dull by assigning the name by first and last name to the computer but in other cases, naming schemes go by famous figures, movie characters or etc. My mentor named all his machines by famous people in the science and engineering fields with the letter “f.” At work we use Transfomers and Peanuts characters, which isn’t bad because refering to the server as Server042 does get confusing/boring comparative to “Snoopy” the ADC. These names do have a sublime meaning or role in the cases I have come across. For example, when named Ford the VM in my mentor’s lab, it’s purpose was to build a website which would go through many changes by progress from alpha to production which reminded me of a factory production line. I think this applies in other fields, other than computers. Take a look at boats and their names. There’s a human aspect to everything; being that said Ill probably go with Aston Martin’s Vanquish because its heavy and flashy (literally). I guess this will add to my naming scheme at home of car models.

I just like to note that this was article was inspired by an Slashdot article I’ve read a while ago.