Updates and Such

So I realized I had this blog for about a decade which is crazy but pretty amazing.  Just a few tweaks and updates for it at the moment.

Anyways for a good read check out this medium post I found on HN today: Being A Developer After 40


Still alive and kicking

It’s middle of 2014 and I’m still here

It took a half a decade but I decided to write something on here.  Did some updates to the site and I will be adding a new theme.  Not sure If I will create one and find one out the box.  But I will experiment!


Image taken from Unsplash.com

VX6900 Android vs Windows Mobile, the experimental battle

I recently switched from my vx6900 to a blackberry pearl that I got from a friend from work. And before I switched to my BB pearl, I actually upgraded my vx to windows mobile 6.5 which had a nice interface. Along 6.5 I put a launchable version of android 1.5 via windows mobile itself.
I gave my vx to my brother while he got his replacement phone not too long ago. And while he’s not too tech savvy, he actually loved 6.5. He didn’t try android portion of it but I wonder now, how is 6.5 versus a native version of android 2.0? Ill try to make a vlog about this.